A Little Bit About the Author.
     Sean Kelly is a dentist who barely remembers a time he didn't have at least one pet cat. As a dentist practicing just outside of Vancouver, Canada, he found that many parents had the same questions about caring for their children's teeth. Sean wanted a fun way to introduce children to the dentist while at the same time educating their parents about children's dental care. This two-in-one book provides children with a fun story about Cuddles and her friend Bob who go to visit the dentist, and it also answers a number of frequently asked questions that parents have about properly caring for their children's teeth. Sean has taken this story into various classrooms, including the various classes of his son and daughter. Cuddles and Bob's visit to the dentist was always enjoyed by the students and teachers alike. We hope you will enjoy the story of Cuddles and Bob, while learning something helpful about dental care.